074: Balanced Passion


Thanksgiving is upon us so we’re thankful that you’re listening to this show. Seriously.

Today, the trio discuss “Apollo 18” and “ThanksKilling.” Spoiler: don’t bother watching Apollo 18, but DO watch ThanksKilling.



073: a corny episode (wackity smackity doo)

Children of the Corn 7

Children of the Corn 7

Today we yammered on about “Children of the Corn: Revelation,” the seventh installment of “Children of the Corn.” We also picked our next movie, Apollo 18.

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072: kicked in the crowtem OR dennis hopper speaks nothing but jive

crow 4

The three humans endure the intense terribleness that is “The Crow: Wicked Prayer.” The title of this episode gives you an idea of the movie. Also, we yapped about “The Descent,” “Sons of Anarchy,” and more.