078: Jonathan Strickland Calls Out Death Racers On Score Keeping And Spelling

Death Racers

This is simply the greatest episode 78 of any program called “Podcast without Pretense” ever recorded. You must listen to it and tell your friends to subscribe.

In this episode, the trio talked about the ICP movie “Death Racers.” Next week, “The Puck Hogs” is the task. Will you watch the movie with us? How long will you last? Let us know on Twitter: @PWPShow

Also, sorry about the audio hum. Iyaz’s fault.



077: The Quest for iTunes Acknowledgement

We talk about Iyaz’s new job then we suggest that you don’t listen to us. Listen to “Welcome to Night Vale” instead. If you stick around, find out about our new show idea called “BrunchLine.” Also, nominate us for all the awards when you can. We also name the fans of this show. You’ll be disappointed with us, we promise.


076: Thaddeus, The Abomination Baby


Jonathan Strickland blows off the first couple of minutes of this episode. When he shows up, we started talking about the new year and the movie “Christmas That Almost Wasn’t” (spoiler: Christmas is saved – it says so right in the title).

The next movie we’re going to brave is called “Death Racers” starring the Insane Clown Posse. How long will we last without a second screen? Here are our guesses: Jonathan says three minutes, Eric says he can go 60 minutes, and Iyaz thinks he will go an entire 12 minutes.

We also made Kia Stacy‘s list as a top podcast of 2013! See what she wrote about us here.